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.:TH: Ichibei, Nikko:. by DlSCONNECT .:TH: Ichibei, Nikko:. by DlSCONNECT
This group seems to have p cool people B) #swaggynotfaggy
gomen for making him such a loser

Ichibei, Nikko //last, first
Nickname: Ichii -- but if you call him this you're asking for him to punch you in the face

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight as far as anyone else is concerned //winkwonk-- no srsly doe he's probably gonna end up being the gayest kid in the school

Age: 16
Grade: 2

Dormitory: Tamagawa
Club: Soccer

• Learning new things
• Socializing
• Sports
• Gaming
• Food //hesafatty B)
• Snazzy shoes
• Action-packed movies
• First person shooters
• Board games //monopoly, snakes and ladders, etc #swag
• Those cute band aids that you get when you're a little kid //he always has at least one on even if there isn't an injury

• Failure
• Letting people down
• His heterochromia //his left eye is hazel and his right is dark brown
• People asking why he has an eyepatch AARRRRRRRGH MATEYS
• Surprises
• When people think he's naive when he really isn't
• Teachers ruling him out as a troublemaker before getting to know him as a student


    As soon as he began attending the school, he's started working harder than he ever has. One of his worst fears is not graduating on time.

    Whenever his dad's business partners would come to visit him, they would always bring their kids. They would always pretend to be businessmen at a big serious meeting around the dining room table. From this, he learned how to socialize with his peers without looking like an idiot.

Passionate and Determined
    Nikko is awfully passionate about everything he does. If he starts something, he is determined to finish it and do so correctly. Whether it be learning a new language or helping his team win a soccer championship, he always has his eyes on the prize.

Holds a Grudge
    He may be social, but Nikko can also hold a grudge. Obviously, this doesn't help him very much and because of this, he's lost several close friends due to what was probably just a small misunderstanding. He can forgive, but only if the other really shows that they're sorry for what they've done. Unfortunately, most people don't think he's worth getting down on their knees for.

Often Selfless/Can't say no (could be considered passive)
    Although being selfless may sound like a wonderful character trait to have, it doesn't exactly work in his favor all the time. He's accepted many community service jobs in his spare time which helps with his resume, but he's lately been finding himself always saying yes to others even though he's busy.

    Nikko is the youngest in a family of three children. Chie, the eldest of the group has thrived in the medical industry. She grew to become one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Japan at the young age of 26. Chie's business has been prospering since it was first started several years ago. She is now 32 years and old and the company has still remained strong, bringing her much pride to the family. Ryo, the middle child who's now 25, has ceased all contact with his parents, deciding that it'd be better to not be involved with his parents as fights and arguments would always erupt from their conversations. Nikko and him often talk through phone calls and texts, but he avoids doing so around his parents as they seem to no longer think of him as a son. Ryo hasn't been as successful as Chie to say the least. He dropped out of college midway, he shifts between jobs, and finds himself in financial troubles when the time comes to paying the bills. He's now in search for a roommate to help him pay for the rent and hopefully give him some company.

    Although Nikko is understanding of Ryo's situation, he doesn't want to have the same relationship with his parents. He has gotten in fights with his dad who's been constantly nagging him about getting his grades up and reaching the bar of expectation that his sister has kindly set for him. Because of this, he's found himself stressed out and frustrated. Whether it was getting a few questions wrong on a test, being late to class, or even forgetting his homework just once, Nikko was always hard on himself. It was hard enough to focus in class, but having his parents always breathing down his neck didn't help one bit.

    Nikko heard about Tachikawa High; a boarding school in New Tokyo. With the consent and funding of his parents and his supportive sister, he was soon sent off and on his way to the new school. 

    Maybe if he graduated, his parents would finally be proud of him.

Additional Info:
• He doesn't normally wear caps  i just drew him with one bc yolo
• Idolizes his sister and hopes to be as successful as her one day
• Often finds himself talking to himself in the mirror
• Takes excessively long showers long enough for someone else to hop in ; ) //shot
• He's slowly, but surely learning to balance academics and his social life

"I'm trying my best!"
"Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend!"
"I'm starving--"
"Fuck! I'm late for class again!"


Where (In order from most preferred to least preferred): Skype, notes, comments 

Methods: Script, short lit (I try to do long replies, but I'm not that great at it so don't expect much) 

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